Friday, January 4, 2008

Warm Light ~ Storm Clouds - Jan. 4

After a wind and rain storm had passed through the Bay Area the setting sun cast a beautiful warm glow on the wet streets and wind-blown buildings. You could not help but to stare at the colorful sky and the buildings and the streets, the over-saturated green in the trees and a orange and pink hue on everything. It reminded me of the Texas skies of my childhood with their impending summertime tornadoes and hail storms.

While focusing my viewfinder eastward, opposite the setting sun, on the deep colorful sky, the apartment buildings and the bright yellow strip in the center of the street, a man in a bright red jacket came walking down the street. "Wow, unbelievable timing," I thought. I salivated at the additional color in the frame. "Fantastic" I said to myself. Then just as I composed the image, a red car sped up the street opposite the red coat. The car whizzed by. Snap. "Magnificent!" I yelled.

The saturated color of the stormy skies.

The beautiful cloud-thick sky reflected in my living room window.